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Welcome to The Galerie Art Nomade

Art Nomade is an Artistic Team with distinctive yet complementary aesthetic sensibilities who have been joyfully collaborating for a few years.

The Galerie Art Nomade is an ambulant art gallery that can be attached to pre-existing structures using a simple rope. Playing with the Unforeseen, with Chance, and with the Omnipresent, the Galerie Art Nomade offers a unique and personalized experience.

Art Nomade exhibits their work everywhere possible: in private and in public, inside and outside, and in covered and uncovered spaces. We can be found at cultural events, in parks, on closed off streets, at festivals, symposiums, various galleries and private dwellings.

Since the Galerie Art Nomade can travel to where you are, anything is possible!  Look at the section, What We Do: Happening Now to find us. We are always open to invitations, reoccurring events, and new projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us to plan future events or last minute happenings.

We designed this Website to enhance the possibilities of meeting, to facilitate the access, and to open the frontiers between the Galerie Art Nomade, the art, and art lovers.